The History Of Video Production – Sydney

The history of video production in Sydney dates back to the year 1832. Joseph Plateau from Belgian invented the Fanta scope which is also called the Phenakistiscope or the spindle viewer. This is the device which stimulated motion. Later in 1869 John Wesley Hyatt developed the celluloid. This was the base of the photographic film.

Edward Muybridge captured a galloping horse and set up a series of cameras on the horse’s galloping path. He proved that all the horses’ legs were off the ground at the same time. In 1880 the French inventor Etienne-Jules Marey developed a photographic gun. This could take multiple photographs per second. This was a big step in the video production world. Thomas Edison and William Dickson constructed a device for recording the film and thus the world’s first film production studio was built in 1892. It was named “The Black Maria”. It was after years of inventions that video production took the present form. Get best tutorial from about video production sydney.